At Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters, we understand that while we are the exclusive dealers of the best outdoor apparel and merchandise in our area, our customers' choices are far from limited when it comes to making a decision about where they will shop. That is why we hand-pick the merchandise we will carry -- the inventory we will buy -- with our specific customers in mind.

The product lines of our vendors are extensive, vast in fact. Yet rather than utilizing the shotgun approach employed by others to stock the bestsellers and hope for the best, we consider all merchandise available and select only product that is appropriate for our region and for our customer profile. Sure, we could stock and sell an arctic jacket, but unless our customer is planning a polar expedition, he or she would be much happier with and better served by a less pricey multi-functional option, better suited for weather conditions in our region. 

In the same way, our vendors' wide array of products is offered in an even wider array of colors. While it would be safer to follow the business model of the big box stores to stock the "utility" hues of browns, tans and the occasional red or blue, we understand that our customers' joie de vivre is sometimes reflected in their choice of Oriole Orange, and that some family members will consider no color other than Cha Cha Pink. That’s why you will find them in our store. 

When a visitor comes in asking for suggestions of an easy to moderate trail to hike, we understand what they mean by that, and from firsthand experience can recommend, and even guide them, on exactly that type of activity. While other retailers might see this as an opportunity to misrepresent difficulty and immediately sell gear for a more treacherous hike, we are more interested in acquainting visitors with all that our area has to offer; believing that they will be back and that as their skill and activity levels advance along with their gear requirements, they will trust our recommendations the next time and the next time and the time after that.

We are here for the long haul -- literally and figuratively.