Upcoming Trips:

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We have fun days planned for every level of ability from easy to moderate to strenuous to downright treacherous.  You decide and join us for the hike that is right for you.

Dogs and kids are always welcome.  We know the best kid- and dog-friendly trails in the area and will be happy to guide you or direct you. 


Cohutta Wilderness

With 95 miles of trails, the Cohutta Wilderness is a hiker's dream come true.  The Cohutta Wilderness covers 36,977 acres (about 60 square miles) that spill over the Georgia/Tennessee border and lie within the 95,265-acre Cohutta Wildlife Management Area.  The Cohuttas share a unique distinction with the Rich Mountains in having round, flat-topped ridges and peaks covered with deep, black soils. This characteristic of the Cohuttas profoundly affects the plant communities. Rich-soil ridges are often carpeted with lush ferns and knee-high herbs.

The wilderness is home to a variety of wildlife. Deer and black bears make their home here, as do wild boar and a variety of smaller creatures such as bobcats and squirrels.  Lots to see and do.  Please plan to join us on our next wilderness adventure.   




Jack’s River All Day Guided Hike

Scheduling Now!

Jack’s River Trail was named for a Cherokee Indian who, for a small fee, would carry travelers across the river on his back.

Don’t get your hopes up —  we’re  going to cross the river 24 times — on foot.

A moderate 8-hour round-trip hike that is not to be missed.

Please call the store for details and to reserve your spot.








Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Dates and Times to be announced

Mountain Biking

How to fix a flat: Hearing that sudden burst of air spewing out of your tire can really make your stomach sink, especially if you don’t know how to fix a flat. Fixing a flat is a skill that every mountain biker and cyclist should have; don’t just hope that your tires don’t go flat, learn how to fix them. It’s not difficult but can be a truly important, particularly if you regularly bike far away from home.

How to choose the right bike and gear: Buying a mountain bike is an exciting yet challenging venture. On the one hand, mountain biking is a fun sport; whether it’s your first mountain bike or just a new one, you’re bound to enjoy many days on the trail. On the other hand, the process of sifting through so many unique bike designs and components can be a long and confusing one. Follow a few guidelines to buy the right mountain bike for you.

Maintenance: Nothing on your bike is more important than your bicycle chain–it is literally what makes your wheels go ’round. Most novice bicyclists take their chain for granted and assume that because it’s so small and simple, they don’t need to spend time worrying about it. Even though bike chain maintenance is relatively simple and easy, it’s important that you do it. Proper care for your chain will make it run smoother and last longer.

Your derailleur (pronounced, and sometimes spelled, “derailer”) is the focal point of your bike’s shifting mechanism. Derailleurs need periodic adjustments to perform well, and learning to tweak your own can save you time, frustration and even some cash.


The 10 Essentials: Enjoying nature and exploring the back country is a rewarding experience. Not planning and not bringing the right supplies, though, can quickly turn your trip into a disaster. Plan your trip so there are no bad surprises and be prepared for an emergency.

How to calculate hiking time: For casual hikers, particularly day hikers trying to fit in a quick hike in the wilderness, knowing how long a hike will take is of utmost importance. Many times a hiking trail will list its mileage but not an estimated time to complete it, leaving hikers to guess or, worse, set off hoping they’ll make it back before the rain or sunset hits. No matter where or how you hike, there are certain variables you can consider when trying to mathematically estimate how long it will take.

Hiking stick tips: Hiking sticks, or trekking poles, usually adjustable in length (two to three sliding, telescoping sections) and fitted with removable baskets at the bottom, are welcome trappings for hikers who are fatigued or sore or must cross rock slides or creeks. They spread the load to other muscles and can give you a push when you’re climbing hills or offer lateral stability, which obviates the need to use energy for balance.

Hiking boots:Selecting a pair of boots to cradle your feet while you go hiking is not difficult, but does merit effort. Shoe problems hikers hope to avoid include blisters, squeezed bones, unsupported or overly supported arches, hot spots and black toenails. A good pair of hiking boots will help minimize foot fatigue, aching soles, shin splints, overly sore calf and thigh muscles, sprained ankles and knee and hip pain. Believe it or not, selecting the proper hiking boot for your foot and body, makes a difference in your hiking adventure. It’s best to begin at an outfitter store that employs knowledgeable sales associates, not a sports discount store.

Quality boots are an essential element of hiking equipment. Taking care of your hiking boots will help ensure foot comfort and protection while out on the trail. Additionally, cleaning and storing hiking boots properly will help keep your favorite pair durable, reliable and supportive for a long time.

Whether you’re taking a short day hike or will be backpacking for several days, your hiking boots are one of your major gear items. Nothing is worse than having to walk for miles in a pair of ill-fitting shoes. Before you take one step on your hiking journey, it’s imperative to break in your hiking boots. This will cut down on blisters and other painful injuries that can turn your hike into a nightmare. Your feet will thank you in the long run, and your journey will be much more enjoyable.

Fitness & Conditioning

Functional routines: Based on the 4 pillars of motion…focused on strengthening techniques for the muscular and cardiovascular systems thru balance, coordination, flexibility and stability enhancing your mind, body and spirit.


Ready, set, go: From choosing the right shoe and lace set-up to medium, technique, training and therapy, Everything you’ll need to know to get started and keep going.